LodeStar Ornaments Pattern is Now Available!

This beginner friendly project is the second and final pattern in this short LodeStar series. I included two ornament designs: Original and Bethlehem. They make charming handmade Christmas gifts, and of course lovely additions to your own tree!

If you can cut star shapes and sew basic hand stitches, you’ve totally got this! I even included dashes on the pattern so you don’t have to worry about consistent stitch length. You can make a LodeStar ornament in a couple of crafternoons. Variations to make mini ornaments, mini tree topper, and garlands are also included.

Metallic felts are recommended for this pattern not only #becauseshimmer but because they make for nice, crisp points and edges on the stars. You can use all metallic felts or include a layer of regular wool felt as an accent. All the samples you see here were made using Benzie Design metallic and blend felts. I’ll be publishing a detailed color guide for them soon. Benzie is always so awesome to provide great quality wool felt and quick shipping, and they actually carry most of what you need to make this pattern. Have a look at the materials list on the listing for details.

The secret to making this and my other heirloom ornaments is Sulky Stick ‘n Stitch, a water soluble stabilizer that you just print and stick right on the felt. (Shown below with my Partridge pattern.) Simply embroider, bead, and cut right on the lines! Fantastic. And of course you will be guided step-by-step through the project with my detailed instructions and clear illustrations. You will not be left guessing!

If you enjoy making the LodeStar ornaments, chances are you would also enjoy making the LodeStar Tree Topper. The skills required are the same, but the topper pattern is a good many more pieces and takes longer to make. It’s slow sewing, but patience has its reward: a beautiful heirloom star to top your tree! Topper shown below next to an Original ornament:

These patterns and many more of my heirloom Christmas patterns are available exclusively in my Etsy shop: mmmcrafts.etsy.com

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