Hey! I’m Larissa.

I love to design unique sewing patterns that look complex but are easy to follow. It’s such a wonderful feeling to wow someone (or yourself) with a beautiful gift that you made with your own two hands!

I really enjoy the process of pattern making: first perfecting the design, then breaking the project down into logical steps with illustrations so that you can easily make your own. I take a lot of time with my patterns to be sure they are perfectly clear. I personally design the projects, make the samples, write the patterns, create the illustrations and take all my own photos. I’m a one-woman show here at MmmCrafts. I love it!

My goal is for you to feel supported while making my projects. I provide upfront descriptions, detailed steps, lots of diagrams, sample photos, and my own crafting tips. This site is also a great additional resource for helpful information and inspiration. Have a look around!

My Backstory

Since I was a tiny girl I have been drawing and making little creations, leaving a trail of scraps and paper wedges behind me for my long-suffering mom. My first loves were pencil, paper, scissors, glue, and modeling clay. I discovered sewing when I was older, and wool felt has become my favorite medium.

I quit my day job as a graphic designer in 2002 to be a full-time mom and homeschooler. I started my craft blog in 2008, and shortly after that I opened my Etsy shop to sell PDF patterns of my designs. I enjoy coming up with new twists, unexpected color combinations, and figuring out the best way to put things together. Tiny details make me especially happy!

I am a follower of Christ, the wife of my tall, bearded hero, and mom to two amazing young women. I draw inspiration for my crafting from songs, classic books, folk tales and God’s wondrous creation.

Thanks for visiting! Now, have a nice coffee and make something lovely.

In my studio, wishing there was actual coffee in this wool felt teacup.
Where the sewing happens. This is the most organized it ever looks.
Shown: True Love Heart from Lord a-Leaping pattern.
Twelve Days ornaments in progress.
Mr Scrooge heads looking grumpy.
Back in the day! When I opened my Etsy shop, I had brown hair and two tiny girls.