First newsletter is away!

Y’all, I just sent out my first MmmCrafts newsletter but it was a comedy of errors honestly, and I wonder if you guys who signed up will even get the dang thing. *slaps own forehead and sighs* My own copy was sent straight to my junk mail folder, likely because Google has updated their domain verification requirements. So that is probably where your copy went too. Have a look.

It’s crazy how so much absolute trash makes it to my inbox just fine, but somehow legit mailings do not. LOL. Gotta laugh. So anyway, check your junk folder if you signed up. I’ll work on ironing out the kinks for the next one. Handling mail campaigns is new to me, and who knew it was so complicated? Sheesh.

If you meant to sign up and forgot, here you go! I promise not to pelt you with a bunch of emails. And if you already signed up and found your newsletter in the spam or junk folder be sure to mark it as not junk so the next one that comes will be directed to your inbox! 🙂

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