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Not sure how to get going with my heirloom ornament patterns? You’ve come to the right place! 

Shown: Snow Bird, Partridge & Pear, LodeStar Ornament, Egg (from Goose a-Laying), and True Love Heart (from Lord a-Leaping)

My PDFs are not just patterns, they are more like a craft class on paper. Each downloadable, digital project includes:

  • Comprehensive materials list
  • Step-by-step instructions with clear illustrations
  • Lovely sample photos
  • Additional tips, tricks, stitch guides
  • Sources for materials and kits
  • Contact information in case you get stuck 

In short, everything you need to feel supported in the process. My goal is to never leave you guessing! You can have confidence that if you follow each step carefully, you will end up with a beautiful result you can be proud of! Have a look at the reviews in my Etsy shop and the samples of what folks have made on Instagram.

Ready? Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

1) The SECRET: simply stitch on the lines!

The secret to making my heirloom ornaments is Sulky Stick ‘n Stitch. Love this stuff. Seriously the best thing to ever happen to felt crafting since the sheep. It’s a water soluble, adhesive, printable stabilizer. Simply print my pattern on Stick ‘n Stitch, adhere the pieces to wool felt, then stitch right on the pre-printed lines.

No need to trace pattern pieces or hand transfer embroidery designs. FANTASTIC. When the stitching is done, simply soak the stabilizer away in water and air-dry your pieces. Tada! You are left with perfectly executed embroidered designs on wool felt, which you will sew together to create your beautiful ornament.

You may be saying to yourself, “Wait, doesn’t wool felt shrink? How does that work?” 
You are correct! It does shrink. Which is why my instructions direct you to pre-shrink the felts by simply wetting them in water and letting them air dry before you begin your project.

2) Choose the right pattern for you:

Match your skill set to the pattern. If you are new to this type of felt crafting, you should start with one of my simpler, beginner friendly patterns. If you can do basic hand sewing/embroidery stitches and cut pieces accurately, then my step-by-step instructions will take you from there. 


  • All of my patterns assume you understand common sewing terms and have basic sewing and embroidery skills. I include stitch diagrams in the Resources section at the end of my patterns, but if you need to brush up on your skills this is a great place to start.
  • Choose Partridge & Pear if you want to get started using Sulky Stick ‘n Stitch, the printable stabilizer I mentioned above. That’s the method I use with most of my heirloom ornaments.
  • Choose Snow Bird if you’d rather use the freezer paper method of tracing and you don’t mind working with a few sequins and beads. I love a little sparkle!
  • If you’d like to graduate to my intermediate level ornament patterns, my entire Twelve Days series makes a great heirloom ornament primer. The Twelve Days patterns are designed to increase in complexity from 1-12. If you make them in order, you will build your skills and be ready to jump into an intermediate ornament series after finishing.


  • If you already have experience in this type of hand sewing/small-scale crafting OR have completed my Twelve Days series, then you can handle my intermediate ornaments.
  • My intermediate patterns have the same format and step-by-step instructions as all my patterns, only with more delightful details, smaller pieces, sparkly bits, and additional crafting materials.
  • Intermediate ornament series include ‘Twas The Night and Ebenezer

3) Color guides and kits available!

Are you ready to get making and don’t wish to spend time dithering over colors? No problem. Each time I release an ornament pattern I also create several samples in different colors and provide the detailed color guides for you right here on my site. 

Choose the color guide you like, then click to that vendor’s Etsy store for felt/floss/notions kits! I have worked with two US vendors for the kits: Benzie Design or Felt On The Fly.

Are you outside the US? Benzie Design and Felt On The Fly offer international shipping, but have a look here if you are searching for felt vendors nearer you. They won’t have the same kits available, but they will have a great selection of similar colors and may also offer their own materials kits for MmmCrafts patterns.

OK, that’s all you need to get started. ReadySetMake!

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