Wake Up, Bunny!

I promised pictures of an awake bunny when I launched the BBB pattern recently, and I’ve been having a bit of a quandary. Yeaaaaahh…I have tried the eyes embroidered like I envisioned for the pattern, but I just gotta tell ya. I no likey.

See above, blue bunny. Perhaps it is my non-expert skill as an embroiderer, but it just falls flat somehow. I don’t prefer the shiny-ness factor of the satin stitch, and the shape is not as wide and cute as I’d hoped on an actual stuffed bunny. It looks. Well. Kinda weird, no? Is it me? Like she’s squinting. Poor blue bunny.

So, nothing for it but to swallow my pride, admit I’m a doofus, and provide an alternative. See above. I’ve redone the eyes with a slightly different shape, and instead of completely embroidering the eye with a satin stitch, I opted to cut the basic shape from felt, stitch it on, then add an outline around the eye with more stitching. Last step, add a french knot highlight in each eye.

I like this much better. Sorry for the hard to see colors — I adore this chocolate brown for the bunny’s eyes, but it is not real easy to see the stitches, duh, shoulda used a lighter color. I lightened the photo quite a bit to increase the visibility, sorry if it looks blown out.

If you’ve bought a pattern and you prefer this New And Improved! method of the awake bunny, then just click on this link to download a new template and instructions for the eyes. If you prefer, I will very happily e-mail you a whole updated pattern with this change incorporated, just e-mail me to let me know.

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