More (tardy) summer jammies from thrifted sheets

I’m a bit late with these this season. There’s nothing like a looming deadline to light a fire under my sewing. There’s a sleepover this Friday and I’m just too embarrassed for the girls to be seen in their raggedy old pajamas. Isn’t this goldenrod/orange plaid sheet set 70s-licious?

I used this vintage Simplicity pattern again as the base. Back when I made the first go round the size 6 was fine for them (even though they were a tall 9 and 7), and they even got two summers wear out of the jammies. Now two years later I did grade the size up a bit by adding length and a deeper armscye to the top and a deeper crotch and width to the shorts. Worked fine.

I also changed it up by using this cotton crochet trim for straps and a crochet doily for the pocket. I left the top of the doily unsewn so it flops over to form a pocket flap.

It’s always nice to have a ribbon tag on the shorts because it’s a bit hard to tell front from back.

This time I didn’t add the elastic to the leg openings because I heard feedback that the bloomer legs, while adorable, have a tendency to ride up. The open legs still look very cute on. You’ll have to trust me on that.

One pair down, three more to go! Or at least one more pair by Friday.

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