Baby Binky Bunnies

It’s a boy!
It’s a girl, too!

These sleepy bunnies and their binkies (and the PDF pattern) are done at last. Looking at them snooze along sure makes me want to take a nap. Or maybe that is because I stayed up embarrassingly late to finish the little darlins. Hm. But, I’m so pleased with how they turned out.

It was fun to be able to use some of the vast library of charm squares I have accumulated. I think I could get seriously addicted to patchwork. And to linen. I loved the texture, weight and feel of it on this project.

The binky has no batting, binding or actual quilting, so there’s all the fun of a patchwork blankie without the more time-consuming finishing of a quilt. It is held together with sweet old-fashioned ties.

Bunny has a yarn pom-pom for a tail, and plenty of room to embroider a name (and maybe a birthdate and stats) on the back of the diaper.

They like to nap in baskets too. Preferably nestled in with some grass for cushion and perhaps a bunch of Cadbury eggs, in case they get hungry. You can see in this shot that the ears can be tacked together, or left loose and flopsy.

If you’d like to make a Baby Binky Bunny, please visit my shop to get the pattern. The same pattern makes boy or girl bunnies, depending on the fabrics you choose and whether or not the bunny gets eyelashes. There’s no need for you to have a vast library of charm squares for this project. The binky would be just as charming with a two-fabric checkerboard pattern.

If you’d prefer your bunny to be awake, I’ve included an alternate face in the pattern with open eyes and a little smile. The PDF pattern includes materials list, pattern pieces at full size for the bunny and binky, detailed instructions, and lots of clearly drawn diagrams. I confess I have a strange love of drawing diagrams.

Late Note: There is also now a Bib & Booties accessories pattern for the Baby Binky Bunny, available in the shop.

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