Trick to submerge metallic felt pieces

You may have noticed that metallic wool felt floats. It also curls toward the wool side when wet. This can make it tricky to effectively soak away the stabilizer, unless of course you have a selection of fancy thrifted saucers. Place one on top of the water in your soaking bowl and it keeps the metallic felt nicely submerged. I have a couple sizes that work depending on how much water is in the bowl. The foo-foo pastoral scenes and gold accents are optional, but nice to look at. LOL.

I’m making good progress with my beginner friendly LodeStar ornament samples and they are looking shiny and pretty! I’m thinking it would be fine to use synthetic Korean hard felt for them too, if you don’t wish to use metallic felts. I bought some so I could try it out first:

They come in some nice colors and seem stiff enough to give the stars a nice crisp finish. I have never used them, but I’m assuming since they are synthetic that they will not shrink or fade during the soak? Fingers crossed. I’ll show you photos when I make more progress.

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