Hood styling tips for Mr Yet To Come

The voluminous hood is a key part of the spooky look of the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come ornament (no. 5 in my Ebenezer Ornament Series) and here are my notes to help you style it! (This is also posted as a reel on my Instagram if you prefer videos.)

First, be sure you have followed the instructions within the pattern to glue the hood in place under his chin, in the back, and also to his head. That will take up some of the volume of the hood.

Once it’s all glued properly in place and dry, you can finesse the shape of the hood because of the handy wire hidden inside. The hood is designed to pool across his chest and shoulders, so create that look by curving the bottom edge down and over his shoulders.

As the final step, be sure the wood bead is seated back inside the hood and pinch the sides and top together so that the hood looks like a curvy triangle (no sharp angles) as shown. This will look delightfully spooky because it partially hides his face and casts it in shadow. Now it’s nicely finished!

If you’d like to share a photo of your finished ghost, be sure to tag me on Instagram (@mmmcrafts) or Facebook (@mmmcraftspatterns). Love to see!

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