LodeStar ornaments underway

I posted this on my socials a while back, but forgot to update my blog. In between helping to care for my beloved elderly mom (who lives in another state) and trying to figure out a treatment plan for my rebellious lower back, I’m working on the second (and final) pattern in the LodeStar short series. First pattern was a tree topper, and now this new pattern is two sparkly ornaments: the original star as well as a new Bethlehem star variation. I’m still finalizing the design of the Bethlehem star.

These hand sewn ornaments are beginner friendly, using only basic shapes and stitches. A combo of metallic and regular wool felts is recommended (or all metallic).

This pattern is not available yet, but will be in plenty of time for Christmas mmmaking, Lord willing. You can see the currently available LodeStar pattern in my shop: mmmcrafts.etsy.com

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