Sneak Peek of Bonus Ornament for Lord a-Leaping

On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love sent to me…

True Love is the focus of the last and final bonus ornament, and is really the theme of the whole song, isn’t it? This heart design will come included with the Lord a-Leaping ornament, the grand finale of my Twelve Days ornament pattern series. (There is a bonus ornament also included with the first and sixth patterns.)

The two ornaments you see above are prototypes, but the smaller one will be the final design. I was trying to get the sizing right and Mr On The Left is a bit too large. Mr On The Right is, well…Mr Right.

It occurs to me that this bonus ornament would make a lovely Valentine as well. Strung in a series as a garland? That would pretty, even without the embroidery. Still tweaking Mr Leaping and he’s getting very close. This last pattern should be done and dusted sometime this month for you. I’m so excited about that, and very happy that I took the time to get him just the way I want him.