The Reee-Diculous Pile, Part 1

I was recently surveying the huge snarl of various half-done projects on my desk, so I took some photos to share what I’ve been up to. And what I will be up to.

First off, my main priority is to finish my bunny pattern I did months ago and get it in the shop. It will now be named Baby Binky Bunny, instead of Bonnie, because it isn’t really a girly bunny. It could pass for a she or a he. All depends on the fabrics. And I’m adding a little quilt blankie for her/him to snuggle whilst napping (that’s the attractively arranged wreck of fabric under the unfinished bunny).

Teetering on top of a pile to the left of that is the fabric and felt for the next bunny victim after I finish Draft No. 2. with the green ears and brown linen.

Here’s another thing on my pile, a new pattern drafted from my Girls Style Book: the sleeveless blouse on the left in the book (and how cool is the little dress on the right? that’ll be pattern draft no. three). I’ll be making this amazingly simple 3-piece blouse in white for starters. This could be such a great little summer shirt staple for my girls if it turns out well. Crossing fingers.

Oy. There is so much more junk on my desk! I’ll save that for another post, I can see your eyes glazing over. Oh, wait those are mine. 🙂

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