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Katy Kitty by LemonCadet
Baby Binky Bunny (with a tiny knitted bunny pal of her own design) by lille-ursus
Princess Fairy tooth pillow by rosalyn 119

Molly Monkey twins by Jane Little
Baby Binky Bunny by zaffrondeluxe
Katy Kitty by freelance monster
Molly Monkey by i am karin, and here’s her blog post

Zombie(!) tooth pillow by Marni MolinaIf you would like to see more creative endeavors, check out all three mmmcrafts flickr pools, and be sure to add your own mmmcrafts projects, I love to see them:

mmmcrafts Projects
Katy Kitty
Molly Monkey

If you are interested in the patterns for these projects, this is where you’ll find them:
Baby Binky Bunny
Katy Kitty
Molly Monkey (free)
Tooth Pillow (free)

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