Drum Roll Please…Molly Monkey Pattern Done!

At long, long last, I’ve completed the Molly Monkey pattern, and it is here for you to download, gratis. Help yourself! It is a zip file that is 1.5 mb. Uncompressed, it turns into a nine page PDF file, which can be opened and printed by a variety of PDF reader programs, like Acrobat Reader.

I put a lot of crazy hours into the pattern and doll design, so please never sell, publish or distribute the pattern. That is a violation of my copyright.

Wonderful and intrepid volunteer crafters, Olivia and Chandra, made Mollies from the first draft of the pattern so that you could have the much-improved second draft. See their Mollies below: Chandra’s is the Molly with the pink beret, Olivia’s is the Molly with the blue beret. I was so excited to see their creations!

Chandra’s Molly

Olivia’s Molly

If you find any errors, be a pal and make a comment to me here. Feedback is most welcome. I’ve already had several suggestions to improve the pattern and I’ve been updating the PDF file as I get them. Thanks y’all!

If you make a Molly and would like to share your photos, I’d really love to see them. Please tag me on IG @mmmcrafts, and use hashtags #mmmcrafts and #mmmcraftsmollymonkey.

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