Introducing…Katy Kitty!

Katy is the doll I designed for my oldest daughter’s birthday. She turned six last week. Way back before May, both my girls requested homemade dolls for their birthday, after seeing little Miss Audrey’s bunny in progress. My youngest decided on a monkey, so I came up with Molly. My oldest girl promptly requested a ‘red kitty cat’. Why red, I don’t know. But her wish is my command, so now here’s Katy.

I really enjoyed designing her and making her. I wasn’t under such a manic deadline as I was with Molly. Plus, after designing Molly and working out most of the kinks with her pattern, I was able to take it further and embellish it for Katy without coming up with something totally from scratch.

Which gave me plenty of time to make her some cute accessories besides her beret, like her ear bow, her little backpack and notebook, and of course the new little twist on the shoes.

My favorite part of Katy is her shoes. I just love these wingtips, and I wish I could have a pair like them for myself this fall. Have you seen any?

In case you are wondering, Katy’s sleeves and skirt are from Tula Pink’s beautiful Flutterby fabric line, part of a charm pack I bought a while back when I was designing Molly.

As Molly’s pattern is available for free download, I’m planning to make Katy’s pattern available as well, although this time for a very reasonable price. Watch for the announcement soon.

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