Yes, sorry, more jammies.

Here are a couple more jammie sets, both loosely based on vintage Simplicity 5006. This time not made from thrifted sheets! I’ve about run out of those. (Patting self on back for  using up stash.) But I still have an embarrassing amount of random printed cottons, so this post was made from the stash, no purchase necessary. Fear not that it is late July. It stays warm here through September/October so these will get lots of wear. Also I confess they pull double duty as we have been known* to stay in our jammies all day around here.

*But only on days that end in Y.

This first set for Thing 2 is made from super cute pennant IKEA precut fabric bundle I picked up maybe five years ago as a random impulse buy. (As I’m typing this I realize the last couple of times I’ve been in there I haven’t even seen bolts of fabric. Have they gotten rid of their fabric lines? Maybe I just missed them. Please tell me I missed them. *hyperventilating*)

As you can see, I didn’t have enough fabric to pattern match the shorts, but I think it looks fine. Thing 2 absolutely loves wearing it. When I sew her anything she says ‘thank you thank you’ over and over again and gets really excited. That’s nice.

I did do a killa job at matching the stripes on the top’s side seams. I forgot to take a photo from the side, but trust me, it looks aces. I found some bits of this nice cotton gingham bias trim I used on the neck and pocket. The straps are regular ol’ prepackaged poly bias binding.

Here’s a set for the oldest. She’s a tween now, you know. She informed me that she doesn’t prefer the billowy full look of the first set

I made her. She likes shorter and less full now that she’s almost twelve. Less, you know, ‘girly’. turning away to sob into own shoulder So I redrew the top pattern and took out some width and length to make her this non-babydoll version.

The brown and blue flowered fabric. Oh, I love it. I’ve been hoarding it for years. Do you remember Denyse Schmidt’s Katie Jump Rope? It’s one of my favorite fabric lines. I get fabric nostalgia when I dig through my shelves. The top is made from a solid lawn from the stash with prepackaged brown bias tape for the straps.

This basic shorts pattern is a no brainer, as easy as shorts get. Two pieces. Three seams. However I did have to modify it again because after seeing the first couple of pairs on the girls I noticed it needed a shorter rise in front. For some reason my girls wear all their shorts and skirts slung underneath their belly buttons.

I’m not done showing you jammies yet. Sorry.

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