Ok, last go at summer jim jams

The last two stragglers from my stash crashing pajama makin’ palooza. It’s been difficult to get a snap of them since they are always being worn. We stay in our jammies a lot around here. Sorry for the lag but we got busy and then made a little trip out of town to Cincinnati/Petersburg/Lexington. (Thank you, Jessica, for all the great big city recommendations and if you ever make your way across the river and down to Lexington go to Wallace Station for lunch and then go here and get some chocolate covered potato chips and chocolate covered grapes. Alan, thanks again for turning us on to these gems! It was great to see your family.)

This plaid seersucker for the youngest is another modified shorty set based on the Simplicity pattern from this post.

This unfortunate pattern pairing of the Swedish print and the red gingham seemed like a good idea at the time but yikes. The top is actually a Wiksten tank (XS) that I altered a bit for my oldest. I got bored with making the other top and I figured once I worked out the Wiksten mods for her that I could make her actual public clothes. We do occasionally leave the house. I had to add a last minute lace insert at the neckline because I didn’t bring it up enough. And that’s it for the jammies!

Twelve Days ornament enthusiasts: I’m currently knee-deep in the Turtle Dove, French Hen and Colly Bird ornament patterns and making great progress!

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