Tiny Things Making Me Happy, Part Four Million and One

This is Mr Owl and Mr Bear. They fit nicely in your pocketses. Mr Owl is 3 1/4 inches tall and Mr Bear is an inch taller. They were designed by Ingela Arrhenius, whose happy, vintage-style illustrations I admire a lot. Let’s see what’s inside.

Mr Lion.

Mr Green Owl. I wonder if you know the other Mr Owl?

Mr Tiger.

There you are, Mr Otter.

Don’t be shy, Mr Penguin.

Wait a minute, you open too?

Hmm. You are empty. It’s a mystery. No matter. Nice place to hide a jelly bean.

The whole zoo family.

Now for Mr Owl. What’s inside?

His brother, Mr Owl.

And his brother, Mr Owl.

And his other brother, Mr Owl.

and his other other brother, Mr Owl.

And his littlest brother, Steve.

Hey, Steve. You do not open. I’ve tried.

All the Brothers Owl together.

These are made of sturdy plastic instead of painted wood so they are kid friendly, but I’m having a problem sharing my toys. You can see more nesting dolls Ingela has designed (and other cool stuff — the plates!) right here.

You may have noticed I have a little fixation on matryoshkas. I have a board dedicated to them, if you would like to look!

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