Update on Mrs Claus!

Hello! Update on Mrs Claus: The pattern is not available yet, but she’s finally tweaked to my satisfaction (there was some pretty serious and distressing creative block on her accessories and proportions). This one shown is a tight prototype and super close to the final. Just one of the several things giving me lots of grief was how best to make her teeeny tiiiiny mistletoe ball. So many versions in the trash. Got that licked:

She can either hold this beaded mistletoe ball for a smooch with her fave elf, or an apple to give to her favorite reindeer (or to help detox Mr World Traveler after his night of endless cookies). The apple is simpler, but the mistletoe is easier to make than it looks, I promise.

This second #twasthenightornaments pattern is going to debut in my shop later than I’d like, but she’ll still be available to make for Christmas if you can squeeze it in. I’m working as fast as I can to make samples and write the pattern around trips out of town. If you want to make her, get a jump on the ‘Twas the Night kits/materials offered at Benzie Design, and while you are at it also grab some stiffened felt for the tiny little wrapped gift and an 8 mm wood bead for the mistletoe/apple. (Benzie also sells both of those things!) In addition to a black and red gel pen for her face, you’ll also need a white gel pen for her hair. The Santa Claus pattern is currently available: mmmcrafts.etsy.com

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