Scrap Pile Headbands

Me + Robyn + her prodigious scrap box + cheap headbands from the grocery store + The Lovely Bones = these headbands for our kids. I don’t have a photo of hers – but trust me, it was very cute and it was being worn by a certain blonde fashionista almost immediately.

The process was so easy we were able to do it while keeping one eye on the movie and also shoveling in plates of pecan pie and ice cream. All that sugar really fuels the creativity.

Cut or tear a long thin strip of fabric (or use unfolded bias binding) and wrap it around the entire headband, using Fabritac to secure as you go.

Cut out concentric circles from various felted wools and fabrics to make a layered flower. Snip some petals if you like. Fold over circles into quarters to make many layered petals if you want a poofier look. Cut out some leaves to match. Glue the flower together, then glue the flower and leaves to the headband.

Don’t fuss about the ravelly edges, that is part of the charm. You can use dabs of fraycheck if you like. Eat more pecan pie as a reward.

Then force your children to model them for your blog. Sometimes you have to make fake pootsy noises to lighten the mood.

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