More With the Cozies

Still working on the cozy pattern. I’m having my husband bring home all kinds of phones from work to test out. He also brought home one of these because I didn’t get what they are for. So now I’m hooked on it and so are the kids, of course. I loved using it in place of my paper Bible in worship. So easy to get to all the passages without all the page rustling. We’ll be sad when it has to go back to the office.

I made these cozies as gifts with an added a button closure at the top for security, so these could hang outside the purse too. I’m trying out different leaf patterns and colors. I love playing with color combinations, so having a formidable felt stash is coming in handy.

You could also use it as a wristlet or hang it from a belt loop.

I sent the dark grey one to my sister Leigh Ann who just had a BIG birthday, along with a quilting mag, a stack of fat quarters, a pretty bird card I got ages ago at ICE Atlanta, and this version of Jane Eyre, which is my favorite ever ever Ever. Leigh, looking forward to getting some shortbread, making a pot of PG Tips (with cream not milk), and watching this with you soon. You are going to looooooove it! Oh boy oh boy oh boy.

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