Beware pirate sites

Laivo Sewing is selling pirated copies of my patterns. Notice how they have removed my information from the photos. Not only have they stolen my photos and my Etsy videos, but they have apparently also stolen photos uploaded by my customers to promote their listings. Who knows, their entire website of patterns may be pirated.

Y’all, beware of buying anything from websites that advertise on Facebook unless you know them to be a legitimate source. Just to reiterate, the ONLY place to legally purchase my patterns is via my Etsy shop:

I have already heard from a confused buyer who purchased from the pirate site and received useless pattern pieces which are missing the embroidery designs. The instructions are printed in miniature on one ginormous folded piece of paper. My stolen instructions will make no sense paired with the plastic pattern pieces they supply, but I imagine that the unfortunate buyer will be unable to get a refund from them. Theirs and similar sites with odd names pop up and disappear. Then *tada* they emerge again under a new domain.

My lawyer is handling it for me, but I just wanted you to be aware! Don’t get scammed – buy from my Etsy store.

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