Shop News: Small Price Increase Aug 1st

Hey wonderful Mmmakers, heads up! I’m letting you know ahead of time that starting August 1st I will be increasing the prices on my patterns for the first time since opening my shop back in 2008.

Etsy has increased their fees multiple times during the years, including just recently, and inflation is certainly not helping my costs. This last rate increase has made it impractical to keep my prices the same.

I will be posting the small increase in prices shopwide on August 1st. For instance, the cost of a single Twelve Days pattern will be $8.75 US.

I will still have my 20% off yearly sale coming in November at Thanksgiving, so no worries there. Thanks so much for your understanding and support!

Photo: a shot of some delicious Benzie felt haphazardly piled on my worktable in my usual orderly and neat-as-a-pin fashion during a pattern design. 😉

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