Operation Incognito Pattern Update!

It has come to my attention that I have girls, not boys. Therefore I tend to live in a world of unicorns, flowers and gently used toys. LOL.

In consequence, I’ve received some great feedback that the attachment of the elastic thread to the mustaches and beards in my Operation Incognito pattern is not quite strong enough to withstand boys. So! I have devised a stronger attachment and have updated the pattern PDF accordingly. Instead of gluing the thread down between the layers and then stitching over it, it is now attached with hand stitching in between the layers. Under testing, it held up to some pretty vigorous tugging.

Those who purchased the pattern via Etsy should have already received an email from me with the new and improved pattern attached. If you didn’t, please contact me via Etsy convo.

If you purchased the pattern via Craftsy, it should automatically notify you that there is a new updated download. Log in to your Craftsy account to download the latest.

In the process, I’ve also found that there is a difference in elastic threads. I’ve updated the supply list to read “Spool of elastic thread, 28% poly/72% rubber“. The thread I was using to do the update was not working right, and it turns out I had two different spools in my basket. They look similar, but one spool is way less stretchy and slightly thinner and has a lot less rubber in it. So, I recommend the checking the label before buying.

Also while I have your ear about this pattern, I need to stress that I do not recommend acrylic craft felt for this pattern. It does not hold a stitch as well, the freezer paper doesn’t adhere very well, and you could end up melting it with your iron. Doh! See my FAQ for sources of wool and wool blend felt if you need one.

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