Huge THANK YOU to You, and It’s Back to Work for Me

The halls of my house have been decked, pecan pie has been devoured, leftover turkey and ham have been reinvented several times over, shopping has been semi-completed. I even managed to lose a pound after Thanksgiving weekend at my weigh in. I did not expect that I can tell you.

ONE THOUSAND THANK YOUS for making my annual sale the best one ever! It’s clear y’all have some serious sewing to do. Chop chop! And I also have some serious ground to cover for this pattern. Nose is directly on the grindstone, I promise! Working working working. No one wants to finished with this two-in-one pattern more than I.

Every year I say to myself, LARISSA, I MEAN IT, DO NOT BE WORKING ON A PATTERN AFTER THANKGIVING. One of these years that is going to work out but it’s laughable I thought that might actually happen in 2020. I had very strong hopes to be finished with it by my sale but that was not to be. #life

I’ll shout about it on every available channel as soon as it’s in the shop. And that will be a wrap for 2020 and patterns. My goal was to release four patterns this year and that is what I’ll have done:
Mr Scrooge
Mr Marley (he was such a pain)
Little Elf Girl
Little Elf Boy
I decided in the end to make the girl and boy elves a two-in-one pattern, because it just makes more sense to me that way, even though they are mostly different. Oh. And I’m not sure I’ve mentioned it here, but I’ve expanded the ‘Twas the Night patterns to nine patterns. I just couldn’t get it done in six and still be happy.

My goal for 2021 is the same, only this time I hope to be finished by Thanksgiving. #goals #icandoit #timemanagement #morecoffee

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