Handmade Gifts 2015: Two More Very Nice Mice

My last installment of the handmade parade for Christmas 2015. I was on a roll with these mice. This girly one is for my MIL, Paula.

Um, I kind of messed up the ear placement somehow and they ended up wonkified, so I added a hat with a pom-pom to hide it. But I really like the hat. It’s a pipe cleaner that is just wrapped in a spiral cone and secured here and there with thread.

I like the chubby rear view too.

This little guy with the snowball is for my nephew, Trent. I love his extra fuzzy feet.

They make a cute pair. I’m a little sad but mostly a lot glad that the Christmas crafting frenzy is over. I’ll try to remember to start earlier this year. *laughing with you* *slapping knee* Yeah, that’s just never going to happen, is it?

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