6 Monthiversary. Time for a Giveaway!

(Thank you, everybody. Comments are now closed!)

Are you my mommy?

Whoohoo! Here’s part of the fun stuff aforementioned. Time to celebrate six months of mmmcrafts. Leave me one comment and you could be the new owner of this Katy Kitty that I made with my own two little bony hands. While you are at it, tell me what got you into crafting. If you are into crafting, that is. Which you don’t have to be. So, Lita and Libby, if you are reading this, you too are eligible.

I will choose the new Katy Custodian by using a random number generator on October the 6th.

Looking forward to your comments, and to the next six months of mmmcrafts.

P.S. I’ve been asked by some of y’all when the Katy Kitty pattern will be available, and my answer is, er…soon! Sorry for the delay! Hopefully I’ll dig out from under some urgent stuff and be able to tackle finishing that in a week or so, in plenty of time to get kitties underway for Christmas.

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