(Sigh of Relief) Don’t Look, Lori.

After much angst and re-doing, Lori’s messenger bag is {finally} {thankfully} {for betterly or for worsely} done. I have a reasonable expectation that her surprise won’t be ruined by this post, because I’m pretty sure none of my family reads my blog. Besides you, Chelsea. ha. I’ll be giving this to her in a week or so when I’m in H-town again.

I’m finally pleased with it. My husband has been shaking his head at me for weeks, saying stuff like ‘how many hours are you going to sink into this thing anyway?’. He doesn’t understand the tortured artistic journey within the soul, obviously. The other night as he watched me rip off the bias binding that I decided I didn’t like, he quipped “I sure hope she likes this bag.” And I replied sweetly, “IT’S NOT ABOUT HER ANYMORE” as I stabbed the flap with the seam ripper.

Anyhoo, it’s done. Why did I line it with green? I think it has to do something with the fact that I cut the lining out at the beginning of the process when there was a completely different flap design and also green bias binding. But I like it. Or maybe that’s just the apathy speaking.

I added a little snap key holder on the inside because it is so useful. Also, because it would cover up the unplanned tuck in my lining. I’m happy to report that this snap experience was stress free.

Instead of just trucking along from memory like usual, I tried to follow my own tutorial for the messenger bag to double check it. I didn’t deviate from my tutorial to construct this bag except for these three things:

  1. I used bias binding for the flap, so I trimmed off the flap seam allowance to do that. I didn’t have to turn the flap.
  2. Since my pockets were not lined with a contrast color this time I cut out one big piece for the pockets and folded it in half to sew together instead of having two separate pieces.
  3. I made the strap a bit longer for my sister, at her request.

The only thing I ran into that I ended up changing on my tutorial was to make the flap .5 inch shorter. I didn’t change it for this bag, it works ok if you are careful to measure correctly. Still, the bag flap comes a wee bit too close to the bottom of the bag for comfort, and I thought there should be some room built in for error. That is now changed on the tutorial, so update your flap measurement to 12 x 13.5 inches.

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