Lodestar Tree Topper Prototype

New design underway for a tree topper! I like how it’s coming together so far. It’s not complicated to make, but it sure takes a while. There are lots of pieces and lots of stitching, y’all.

It will have the same 3D layered star design on both sides so it can be viewed from either direction. (Or you can skip the back side if your tree is always against the wall. That’s the lovely part of DIY.) Where’s the cone, you say? I don’t like dealing with those, as they never seem to work well or stay straight. This one will have a 3/16″ wood dowel instead (painted to match your tree). So it will be like a star lollipop which will be secured to the tree top with your choice of pipe cleaners or zip ties and the dowel will disappear under the needles against the trunk. Easier to secure and straighten, IMO.

This design has been living in my head for a good long while, so it’s nice to let it out. Lodestar means guiding star. I think it will be a nice topper for any sort of tree, because you can make it however you like in whatever colors you like, with stitching or no stitching, sparkle or sans sparkle. 

I have a few adjustments to make for the next sample, but this version is fairly close. Materials needed are wool felts (any combo of regular, metallic, or glittered), flosses, sequins, glass beads, Pellon 70 Peltex or stiffened craft felt, FabriTac glue, matching threads, 3/16 wood dowel, and paint which matches your tree color. Lots of frothy coffee, chocolate, and a nice long dialog heavy mini series you’ve been meaning to watch are recommended.

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