Lodestar Ornaments

The upcoming Lodestar Tree Topper pattern will include a few variations, like the Christmas ornaments you see here. Out of this one pattern you will be able to make a fancy tree topper, window pendant, garland, ornaments, mini tree topper, and mini ornaments.

I forgot to post this photo to my blog, which shows the very poinsettia-like red tree topper with the fancy new alternate 3 point rays in place. Those are also included as an option in the pattern, or you can use the original 1 point rays.

It’s still going to be a while until I can release the pattern, but it’s going well. I have written and illustrated the first draft, and am now making final samples and edits. The sample making will only take 1000 years. LOL Fewer if I have more coffee. It’s slow stitching, y’all.

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