Korean hard felt is a nope, alas

I tried a LodeStar ornament in Korean hard felt as an alternative to the metallic felt. Korean hard felt is a synthetic felt that is dense, slightly stiff, but still soft looking. While I do like the look of the finished ornament and it does yield nice clean points, alas, I do not recommend using it for this pattern. I wore out my fingers and my patience trying to embroider through it. It puts up quite a fight.

Unless you have strong hands. Maybe I just have wimpy hands? I thought I’d post my results here in case you had the same thought about trying it. I’m sure it’s aces for machine sewing. It’s used a lot to make colorful quiet books for kids.

Korean hard felt:

PROS: Not expensive (about $1.25US per sheet), won’t shrink or bleed, makes crisp looking stars, easy to cut, the matte finish adds a charming folk look

CONS: Colors are pretty limited, pretty difficult to hand embroider and hand sew, not as luxe looking as metallic wool felt

(The pink/champagne metallic LodeStar Ornament you see here is made from Benzie Design wool felts and the color guide is here.)

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