Jamie’s Leaf Bag

Wow. I even ironed this. Wrinkly linen.
Another bag similar to Chelsea’s and my paisley one, from that same simple messenger bag pattern. This one was for Jamie, the other lovely niece in my life who, along with Chelsea, has passed through two important rites of passage lately:
a) turning 18
b) graduating from high school
tall girl = long strap

I had a hugely difficult time in nailing down the design for the flap. It really makes me sweat bullets to make something handmade for the younger generation. I’m so not cool, but I want my gifts to be. Of course with the requisite added pressure of just a few evening hours in which to design/make it as well as pack for the trip. You should see the pile of sketches. I was so inspired by Orla Kiely’s signature leaf thingies and ended up with a variation on that theme.

And I spent a lot of time I didn’t have sitting in the floor of my craft room wearing a slightly crazed look and surrounded by piles of fabric, willing my brain to produce the perfect color combination from the existing stash.

Body of the bag is brown linen, lining is green cotton. Leaf appliques are cotton and linen backed with Heat N Bond Lite and zig zagged.

I’m very pleased with how it came out, and Jamie was sweet enough to even use it a couple of times when I was there. I love those two girls.

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