I Made Clafoutis

I came into the kitchen this afternoon in a frowning funk over my less than successful sewing attempts. More on that later.

I realized four things:
1) I’ve never eaten clafoutis.
2) I don’t know how to say clafoutis. Clah-FOOH-tee? Foux du fafa.
3) I happened to have all the ingredients handy, according to the recipe in my Joy Of Cooking* (except for the cognac).
4) I needed a Win and it might as well be a high-calorie, sweet, custardy Win.

Aren’t those pretty eggs? My friend Tracy keeps chickens and I love the variety of colors and shapes the eggs come in. One day I’ll be cool like Tracy.

*The gift that just keeps on giving, Robyn. My most useful cookbook by far.

I also realized I could use a cherry pitter. My thumbnail is sore from prying out a million and a half cherry pits.

The finished product right from the oven (Win), before a coating of powdered sugar. The smell in the kitchen was a big payoff too.

Now, like any good southern girl I’ve made and put away a lot of fruit cobblers, but this is a different animal because of the eggs. Just as simple to make, but it’s less like a gushy cake and more like a firm custard with cherries. I recommend eating it warm (with maybe a little extra sugar and some heavy cream splashed on if your sewing project is not going well). Remind me to give you my easiest fruit cobbler recipe ever sometime.

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