Handmade Gifts 2012, Part 2

For my nephew, Michael, who will be getting his own place soon.
Presumably on Tatooine. I designed the coffee mug in Illustrator and produced it via Zazzle. I’m counting it as handmade even though I didn’t technically make the mug. It was shipped so promptly and turned out just great, but of course I forgot to take a picture of the real mug. Blast!

These photos are from Zazzle’s project preview, which is amazingly accurate. I’ve made a few things on Zazzle over the last few years and I’m always pleased with the result.

This quickly made light/dark switch plate was a last-minute addition. It was inspired by some
really funny ones I’ve seen around the web. All it takes to DIY is a
Sharpie and The Force. Ok, just a Sharpie.

Also included a bar of both white and dark chocolate in the package labeled as Luke and Vader’s faves. Belabor the theme, I did.

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