Frilly Unmentionables Bag

My friend Kristyn had a lingerie shower this past weekend and I decided to make her a travel bag to go with the hardly-wearables I was giving her. My mom made me a similar bag when I got married, and it has come in very handy to protect my filmy and snag-able items from wear and tear inside the suitcase.

The fabric I used was a decor weight Jade Somerset I have had for a while. What is it with me and paisley lately?

It is very simple to make, but it took a couple tries to get the closure right. I thought at first I’d make it a drawstring bag and I had it gathered round the top with a really pretty black and white grosgrain ribbon, but discovered that it would not cinch closed because the fabric was too bulky. Oops. So I cut off the the drawstring tube and sewed in a zipper instead. Not as attractive maybe, but easier to use. Done.

If you are interested in making one, it is basically two 14 inch x 18 inch rectangles sewn right sides together with one short side left open for the zipper, then turned. I made a silky lining that was the same size, dropped it inside the bag wrong sides facing, and basted it around the top. Then I folded over the edges and sewed in the zipper.

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